Newsbrief: Pottermore

Harry Potter faithful have recently discovered Pottermore, an enigmatic website featuring a logo, the words “Coming Soon”, author J.K. Rowling’s signature, and a couple of owls.  Clicking on the owls leads to a truly tricked-out YouTube page with the phrase “The owls are gathering” and a countdown to an announcement, which will take place June 23rd at 7:00 AM EST (presumably involving a video announcement on the YouTube page itself).  Speculation has abounded as to what this announcement means, ranging from an Harry Potter universe encyclopedia to an 8th book to a spin-off series.  Whatever the surprise is, it’s probably going to stay that way until the official announcement, given the amount of secrecy around previous books prior to their release.  So what do you guys think?  HP Book 8?  Spin-off series about Harry’s kids (or parents)?  Single camera sitcom based on the lives of young wizards after Hogwarts, to premiere on NBC in the fall of 2013?

P.S.  The only significance I can find of June 23rd in Harry Potter canon is that it’s Dudley’s birthday, so it’s also the day Harry first spoke Parseltongue to that snake at the zoo.  Probably nothing, but who knows?


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