GBPC No. 1

We proudly present the first installment of the Gentlemen Behold Podcast!!  THRILL as Joe, Nick, and Niko discuss Super 8!!  CHILL at their opinions on J.J. Abrams, lens flares, and the acting prowess of Kyle Chandler!!  Warning: this podcast contains thorough spoilers.  It’s best enjoyed after watching the movie.

Gentlemen, Behold!! Podcast #1 from Joe Stando on Vimeo.

Some Notes:

Nick is artist laureate of Gentlemen, Behold!! He designed the site logo and is currently composing theme music for future installments of GBPC.  He’s also frontman for the band No Stars in Brooklyn.

Niko handles technical support in terms of recording and uploading the podcasts.  He’s working on a way to embed the audio files directly on the site, and hopefully you’ll be able to download them at some point.  He’s more Greek than Uncle Jesse on Full House.

Joe is the founder of Gentlemen, Behold!! and the guy who writes all the posts.  He also writes a blog about sandwiches and has recently started writing for a local music publication.  He has no strong opinions on the short-lived J.J. Abrams spy series Undercovers, which ran on NBC this past season.

Future installments will cover more and broader topics.  Apologies for the delay in posting this, although by now hopefully everyone has seen Super 8.


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