Music: Goin’ Nerdcore

NOTE: I originally intended for this piece to run in a music magazine I was writing for.  Unfortunately, that magazine announced their hiatus recently, so not wanting my work to go to waste, I’m reproducing it here.  It’s more journalistically-styled than the usual content but I think it’s still in keeping with the theme of my blog.

Rap is a many-splendored thing.  You’ve got East Coast, West Coast, Southern Rap, and countless other styles.  And then there’s nerdcore, which the Race Wars tour is bringing to Grand Rapids on Thursday.

A relatively recent underground phenomenon, nerdcore is the combination of rap and offbeat pop culture, favoring comic books and video games over gangstas and hoes.  It’s a diverse genre, with numerous artists of different styles and levels of self-awareness and humor.  Even the name “nerdcore” is met with either enthusiasm or distain, depending on who’s talking.  But one thing in common with all nerdcore rappers is passion and dedication to the music.