Why I Stopped Recapping Grimm

Readers, you may have noticed that I haven’t recapped an episode of Grimm in a long time.  I could give a number of reasons for that.  I could tell you that I’m writing for the Kalamazoo Gazette, and that they keep me pretty busy over there.  I could tell you that a feature film my friends produced, The Day Job, premiered and that setting all that up took a significant amount of my energies.  I could tell you that I competed in, and won, a stand up comedy competition.  These are all elements.  But the truth is that I stopped recapping Grimm because it’s just not a very good show.  It’s not a very good show, no one’s paying me to recap it, and the time I spend taking notes on episodes and writing about them is better spent doing a number of other things.



Grimm Recap: Lovey Dovey

Welcome back to Gentlemen, Behold!!’s Grimm recaps!!  You may have noticed that I didn’t recap last week’s episode, “Beeware.”  I’ve been a little busy with work and other projects, and Grimm recaps aren’t a super high priority on my list.  Still, I think it’s best I do a super quick recap of last week before cracking open this week’s episode.  Basically, some women were killed with bee venom in flash mobs gone wrong.  Nick investigated and found out it was an attack by some creatures called Mellifers (bee people) on Hexenbiests, their enemies.  Monsterface McHotbody’s name is Adelind Schade, and she and Nick had some nice back and forth jabs while he was assigned to protect her.  Eventually, the Mellifers were defeated, but not before warning on a larger threat on the horizon.  It was actually a pretty good episode.  Anywho, on to “Lonelyhearts”!!


Grimm Recap: Unbearable Lightness

So, I’ve decided to start posting weekly recaps of NBC’s Grimm.  I’m kind of busy with other projects these days, but I want to do something quick and fun at least once a week.  James Hibberd already has Terra Nova recaps on lock over at, so I went with Grimm, mainly because for all of its silliness, I think it’s actually a decently clever show which could get really good if enough people watch it to get it another couple seasons (hint,hint).  I’m gonna plan on these going up on Mondays, but we’ll see how it goes.  Oh, and spoilers, and stuff.